Haier Biomedical

Haier Biomedical, or Qingdao Haier Biomedical Co., Ltd., is an association of Haier Group Corporation engaging in biological technology. Haier Biomedical’s vision is to become the icon of IoT biological science and technology solutions, adhering to the values as an ecosystem to trust and a platform to share and the mission to enlighten life with intelligence and to be the pioneer to create value in the biological science and technology IoT-based ecosystem. Emphasizing on user experiences, we provide biological science and technology solutions. We started our business in the field of cold storage and have been evolving towards an IoT-based solution provider.

Haier Biomedical maintains leading position in the biomedical cold storage industry of China. We have creatively applied the intelligent IoT technology into our cold storage products and developed solutions that could be applied in various life science scenarios. We have also strategically deployed in the molecular diagnosis POCT market. 

Haier Biomedical have been engaging in the production and sales of biomedical cold storage products since 2005. Through our development for over a decade, it has a diversified product portfolio consisting of constant temperature, low-temperature and ultra-low temperature products and biosafety products which can satisfy a wide range of needs of end users in terms of blood, vaccine, biosamples, drug and reagent storage and biosafety assurance. Our business presence covers a broad range of sub-categories of the biological science and technology solution market and we have taken a leading position in the global biomedical cold storage industry. 

Through technological innovation, Haier Biomedical has ended the long-term monopoly of imported products in the cold storage market in China, and established a broad user base. We have participated in the development of biobank in China through the provision of biobank solution. As of June 30, 2018, our solutions have been applied by 500 biobanks in china, including six national sample banks including the China National Gene Bank, China Marrow Donor Program and China Protein Data Bank, Fuwai Hospital in Beijing, 301 Hospital in Beijing and Western China Hospital in Sichuan. We have gained wide recognition from users of different special fields such as respiration, metabolism, digestion and endocrinology. In addition, our biobank solution is highly praised by overseas user. We have established models for the biobank of a top university and a well-known international biobank in the UK, which has increased our reputation among our users worldwilde.

Through our development for more than a decade, Haier Biomedical continues to innovate in the field of biomedical cold storage. We have 158 patents, including 29 inventions and 102 utility models, and our biomedical cold storage products cover the temperature zones ranging from -196°C to +8°C.

With our advantages in biomedical cold storage products, Haier Biomedical can provide users with comprehensive solutions such as the biobank solutions, vaccine safety solutions, drug and reagent safety solutions and blood safety solutions, which can fully satisfy the needs of end users for the safe storage of biosamples, blood, vaccines, drugs and reagents. Haier Biomedical has transformed from a devices manufacturer to a provider of comprehensive solutions. 

Haier Biomedical’s solutions can ensure that the biosamples, blood, vaccines, drugs and reagent are always stored at the required temperatures constantly. For instance, by using our vaccine safety solutions, our SSD vaccine refrigerators guarantee the safe temperature of vaccine storage, which can maintain the required constant temperature for a maximum time period of 120 hours in the power-off situation, and maintain normal operation under cloudy and rainy weather for at least seven days, while the requirement of World Health Organization for maintaining the safe temperature is 72 hours. Such solution can guarantee the safe temperature of vaccine storage. In addition, the solution does not rely on the use of battery, which is environmentally friendly and also mitigates the risk of equipment failure due to problem of the battery. 

Haier Biomedical’s biobank solution offers one-stop services for users covering the whole process from the design at preparatory stage, providing complete set of laboratory equipment and consumables, assisting in sample information management and providing monitoring service for cryopreservation. Haier Biomedical is the top in the biobank cryopreservation field of China. 

Making use of hydrocarbon as the refrigerant and our professional design capability, Haier Biomedical’s solutions have excellent performance in energy saving. Haier Biomedical is the first in the ultra-low temperature freezer industry in China to obtain the energy saving and environment protection certifications from the China Quality Certification Center, or the CQC for ultra-low temperature freezers.We are also the only enterprise in China with medical refrigerators and freezers being certified by the Energy Star in the US, an international authoritative organization in energy conservation. 

By incorporating the IoT software and hardware using sophisticated and reliable RFID technology and network communication technology into our self-developed cold storage products, core solutions of Haier Biomedical have been optimized and upgraded, transforming our traditional storage solutions into comprehensive IoT-enabled solutions. In order to enhance users' experience, we apply the IoT technology to develop intelligent storage, informationalized management and automated operation functions.

As of August 2018, IoT-based blood sharing management solution model of Haier Biomedical has been used by the Affiliate Hospital of Qingdao University, one of the largest third-level grade-A hospitals in Shandong Province, where blood storage devices can be used at clinical treatment sites such as ICU, operating room and emergency room, the use of which is not restricted at the blood transfusion department. Haier Biomedical has also set up the model of our intelligent IoT-based vaccination solution in Tianjin, which has facilitated traceable management of vaccination and supervision of each vaccine during the vaccination in order to lower the risk of misuse of vaccines. 

Haier Biomedical aims to develop a brand name of ecosystem providing comprehensive biological science and technology solution along with the evolvement of our business model from pure electrical appliances to IoT-enabled devices to platform and to ecosystem, and transform our business model from high growth, high profitability and high market shares to the model of an ecosystem with various sources of income and strong brand name. The objective of Haier Biomedical is to become a pioneer to create value in biological science and technology IoT-based ecosystem.