Milestones & Awards


June 2018,our intelligent IoT-based blood sharing management solution provided security for the clinical safety use of blood in the Qingdao Summit of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization.


May 2018,we were shortlisted as a “gazelle company (瞪羚企业)” of China in the Forum of Global Unicorn Companies (全球独角兽企业高峰论坛) hosted by People’s Daily Online (人民网) and Chengdu Municipal Government.


March 2018,we were granted the Contribution Award for Strategic Cooperation (战略合作贡献奖) by the 10th Anniversary Award Committee of the Biobank Branch of China Medicinal Biotech Association (中国医药生物技术协会组织生物样本库分会十周年奖项委员).


We set up the molecular diagnostics research and development team in the first half of 2017 and acquired 19.42% equity interests in MESA in June 2018, marking our first step to the molecular diagnostics POCT industry.


December 2016,the outstanding performance of our ultra low-temperature products was recognized by an international biobank location in UK , which is the leading biobank in the world in terms of volume of human genome sequencing possessed.


October 2015,we commenced the research and development project of our intelligent IoT-based solutions, marking our expansion to this emerging sector.


January 2014,our water-cooling ULT product won the confidence of a global top university of Sydney,which has purchased our product for three consecutive years.


December 2013,our "Core Technology and Industrialisation of Low-temperature Refrigerator Project" won the Second Class Award of the state Scientific and Technological Progress Award. The state Scientific and Technological Progress Award is one of the five major awards under the state Scientific and Technological Awards set up by the State Council of China, which aims to reward Chinese citizens and organizations with outstanding achievements and contribution in research, development,innovation and promotion of advanced scientific technologies and industrialization of high and new technologies.


Since November 2011,our aerospace refrigerators ended the monopoly of brands from the US and Russia,and were brought to the outer space by Shenzhou 8, 9, 10 and 11 spacecrafts, making China the third country to possess independent technology of aerospace refrigerators.


September 2011,we became the long term supplier of a world NGO that providing techinification and development assistance to developing countries.


We became the first company in China obtaining the PQS certification for medical refrigerators and freezers from the World Health Organisation, and our products were included in the procurement catalogue of the World Health Organisation.


June 2009,our founder, Dr. Liu Zhanjie, became a member of the professional committee of the National Biological Sample Bank (中国国家生物样本库), and participated in the establishment of industry standards for biological sample banks to refine the national standards.


August 2008,we provided biobank solutions for the China Marrow Donor Program, also known as the Data Bank of Chinese Hematopoietic Stem Cell Donors.As of the end of 2017, we maintained 2.42 million samples of ethnic Chinese hematopoietic stem cells. We are the largest healthy human blood sample bank in China involving the broadest geographic coverage and most ethnically diverse blood samples.

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