Haier SDD Refrigerator--great breakthrough in Ethiopia


       As the vaccine preservation for children becoming extremely critical now, a kind of vaccine refrigerator that running without the influence of the electricity is emergently desirable. Haier found this commercial opportunity in the communication with some international organizations like WHO and UNICEF.

       After a year’s struggling, Haier’s sales and technical staff finally developed what the world urgently needs—Solar Direct Driven Refrigerator HTC-60! HTC-60 is driven by solar panels without any driving battery and it does not need any power and fuel, which is very environmental friendly. Meanwhile, the inside cabinet temperature holdover time from 2 to 8 ℃ can be as long as 119hs in the condition of 32℃ ambient temperature, which provides a very secure vaccine preservation solution.

     Haier SDD vaccine refrigerator HTC-60 caught the eye of WHO once being launched and got the PQS certification. Added this glory ring, HTC-60 caught the attention of international users.

      Recently, Haier has just broken the European & USA monopoly of the vaccine refrigerator in Africa market—1000 units HTC-60 was awarded by the PFSA Ethiopia. The 1000 units HTC-60 are delivered to Ethiopia fully loading Haier’s innovation and contribution to the international vaccine preservation.


     SDD refrigerator HTC-60 strengthens the confidence of vaccine preservation, and plays a roll of Apollo of the People in the Sun.

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