11,000 Haier Vaccine Refrigerators Roll off Assembly Line


The final assembly of 11,000 units of Haier vaccine refrigerators, purchased by the India Ministry of Health, is nearing completion at the HuangDao factory of Haier BioMedical Company.  Performance testing is on going as well.  The large order is Haier’s winning bid of 11,126 vaccine refrigerators by the Indian Ministry of Health through a general vaccine program.  This order also marks the fourth time that Haier Biomedical Company has won large bids of more than 10,000 vaccine refrigerator units placed by the Indian government for children’s vaccine programs.  Haier Biomedical Company also won other large bids in 2004, 2008 and 2010. 

Now, nearly 10,000 medical and vaccination clinics in India are using more than 6,000 vaccine refrigerators provided by Haier Biomedical Company.  The Haier cold-chain storage units ensure a safe and successful implementation of vaccination for Indian children. 

In November 2011, all four vaccine refrigerator models, designed and made by Haier Biomedical Company, successfully passed all vigorous tests designated by the World Health Organization (WHO) and were awarded with the WHO certification.  As a result, the refrigerators became the catalog items in WHO procurement programs.  The label “Made in China” appeared for the first time on WHO certified medical equipment.  In 2011, Haier became the only brand from China to enter the specialty refrigerator market.

Over the past ten years, Haier Biomedical Company has designed and built 100,000 units ranging from vaccine refrigerators for India to solar-powered vaccine refrigerators for Africa.  The company continues to provide cold storage service for vaccines in medical facilities throughout the world.

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