The Delegation from the Ministry of Health of Zambia


On May 24, Dr. Liu Zhanjie, the Founder & General Manager of Haier Medical, received and had friendly talks with the Delegation from the Ministry of Health of Zambia.


The Delegation visited Haier Innovative Living Hall, Haier Culture Exhibition, and Haier Biomedical factory, including the production lines and testing labs, and communicated with the directors from the factory concerning many technical details.


Dr. Liu introduced the Company's history, main business lines, after-sales services, and domestic & international market conditions to the Delegation, which had been deeply impressed during the visiting, especially having learned more details about Haier Group's strengths, qualifications and products. Upon their recognition to Haier Biomedical for the efforts and practices in providing quality products and services, the Delegation had made it clear that they would not consider any other suppliers' products for the Zambia Hospital Program, and directly selected approximate 100 products from 7 models of our Ultra-low Temperature, Low Temperature, Blood Bank and Pharmacy Series. In addition, they had declared that Haier's medical products, as well as Haier's household appliances, would be given with top priorities during the future health related programs, in particular the upcoming important project.

During this visit, Haier had won the confidence of the Delegation by promoting the mutual understandings, and had built a profound foundation for the future market development in Zambia and the surrounding regions in the Southern Africa, which will be a new milestone for our actions in response to the Belt and Road Initiative.

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