Constant Temperature Transport Cooler HZY-8Z

Key Features

  • With optimized semiconductor cooling to maintain the temperature inside the cabinet between 2 to 6℃ after being powered up;
  • With 4℃ ice rafts for accumulation of cold to effectively increase the cooling area and extend the holding time;
  • With power supply supporting wide voltage zone, 12V conversion and vehicle mounting;

More Detail:


Technical Data

Storage Temperature(℃) 2~6
Operating Temperature(℃) 2~10


Exterior Dimensions(W*D*H mm) 300×265×260
Interior Dimensions(W*D*H mm) 230×140×170
Packing Dimensions(W*D*H mm) 320x285x280
Net weight(kg) 3.5
Gross weight(kg) 4.5
Blood Bag Capacity 8


Cold Chain Monitoring /
RFID Identification /
NFC Unlock /
Refrigeration method Semiconductor active refrigeration
Warm up time 2 hours(32℃ ambient temperature load situation)
Shell/liner ABS/ aluminium plate
Alarm High temperature,sensor error,power off
Battery Rechargeable lithium battery